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A frog in A Store A frog in A Store

Rated 3 / 5 stars


How do you review something like that...? It's.... just so much... stuff. Really bizarre dude

Metal Gear Awesome Metal Gear Awesome

Rated 3 / 5 stars


This is pretty funny indeed! Especially when Snake placed the bomb and blew up the wall and the guard was just all "what was that?" then just walked away like nothing happened xD That seriously nailed the AI of Metal Gear critically! Hahaha!

I love this kind of humor, it's fast, stupid and you don't have time to think about what the hell happends you are just overwhelmed with all the weirdness which creates bombshells of laughs inside of you.

Allthough I liked it it could be alot better. The graphics are a bit weak. I would love it if you worked some more on them. It's nothing special about the movie in general and I'd say it would need some more to be where it is today.

The movie also went kinda fast at some points it woulda been funnier if it was a little slower. The scene when the guy was taking a dump could'a been dropped, except the part where he talked about the diarrea, which coulda been extended or more like a conversation where snake would go all like "wth?!"

I've seen many more humorous "snap-laugh" movies like theese who probably took more time to do. It smells very much too obvious you didn't plan this so much but more like rampage through it.

Make more, but there's many risks keeping it as simple as this. Sooner or later the fans will stop laughing cus they thought it was ok the first time something so simple made it up to the top. But later they wanna see something that works it's way past the original.

Vote: 3

Lesboformers Lesboformers

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Extremely weak of content

I still don't know what I just saw... of if I actually saw something at all.

No plot, no story, no nothing? At least nothing that appeals in any way.

The loose joke in the end with the dildo? Was that it? If so... it made less sence than World Of WarCraft...

You certainly can draw well, but that hardly helps anything. The sound was also a complete disaster... I seriously hated the buzzing sounds from the transformer dildo and the ring tune. It rang too long and it was just annoying...

This might sound funny but if you have a hard time coming up with stories go ahead and make PORN flash. At least you are capable of that! And concidering all the weird people on NG it will certainly get extremely popular.

Vote: 1

metal fuck ac!d metal fuck ac!d

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Du var svensk du, trevligt trevligt.

Du har rätt, denna var sämre än del 2. Tror det var pga alla vuxen humor som bara känndes onödig.

Men gratulerar för framsida osv! Är det så att du inte gillar Metal Gear Ac!d spelet? Har aldrig lirat det men verkar som du gjort filmen pga din frustration imot spelet ^^ Kan förstå isåfall för vafan vem kommer på en sån idé att använda massa töntiga kort i ett MGS spel?

Röstar: 4

Hereder responds:

Tackar :)
Jaadu. Vad ska man säga om Metal Gear Ac!d. Jag är ett MGS fan och har ALLA spel uppstaplade på väggen. Men Ac!d serien är verkligen inte min grej. Så man skulle kunna säga att detta är en frustration mot Ac!d spelen :P

Metal Fuck Ac!d 2 Metal Fuck Ac!d 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is a seriously heavy MGS parody! It owns! You might hear it's weird and hard to understand (due to it's weirdness). AND IT IS! Lol hehe.

My first impression was that it looked way shabby but you got used to it. Yes I'm honest the graphics are just above average but they submit to the style of the movie. And that is good.

I seriously say you shall go on with this (Lame sentence but it gotta be said). Thank you for many good laughs! You are one of the few humor masters who succeed in making silly childish humor funny for adults hehe !

Vote: 5

Weird Al - You're Pitiful Weird Al - You're Pitiful

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I really like Weird Al, one of the absolutely best comedian's I know about. I've never laughed so good at songs before as when I first heard one of Al's songs.

I'm gonna review all aspects of the movie pretty linear, because I can't come up with a more creative way of reviewing your submission (lazy me).

The graphics are definitly ok. But since I got a mild impression of stiffness in Al's movements I'm gonna have to go with a 7. The backgrounds and details are sure very nice and the overall objects have a good fluency in their movement patterns.

Allthough Weird Al is a very creative and groundbreaking artist, a music vid ain't. So stylewise it's a 5. Because it's not that often you come across good music vids either. Since many of them rely too much on the song rather than the animation. You could watch my vid here on NG if you wanna tell me what you think ;)

You've succeeded with the sound too. Allthought I know you cannot possible get the crystal clear sound in a movie on NG as you might get in your MP3 player or so forth, it still sound a little rusty. But hardly noticeable or annoying.

I like your humor and I like the song. A good combination and a good match. So this movie will get a -
Vote: 4

Bird Skipper (Part 1) Bird Skipper (Part 1)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


... now you made me a bit sad buddy, you made a movie which cought all of my attention and submit it unfinished.

I truly hope you keep your PROMISE that you will complete this movie mate. If you won't you're gonna make alot of people a bit frustrated. There are tons of Ren & Stimpy fans out there who will wait for this movie to become completed.

The art in all it's pride is really creative and has alot of soul and fluency to it. The atmosphere and backgrounds in the beginning of the movie were really great, instead of just a tree and some leaves you had gambling animals and one pretty confused owl! I just love living backgrounds.

But some things disturbed me a bit with the graphics, all the white flashing. At the scene where the cat entered the movie, between all the camera-angle changes there were frames in complete white... To me those flashes made the fluency trip out totally...

I dunno if they were mistakes that you couldn't fix (I know how difficult it is to go back and fix entire frames with flash) or if they were meant to be there, anyway I reacted upon them.

The sound however was really interesting and fit well to the movie. That "jazz" kind-off music fit well with the craziness of the movie. So did the sounds of the characters.

Your score would have been a 10 if the movie was finished but I'll be completely honest here, I dislike unfinished material almost as much as I dislike anything else. To me there is no reason at all to submit unfinished stuff, but I read your description and understand why you would have to do so.

So your score is... 7! (10 -2 for the white flashing (which became a huge part of the movie due to it's shortness) and -1 for being uncompleted) A vote of 4.

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super marrio parodies super marrio parodies

Rated 3 / 5 stars


First impression I believe people have in general is "What the heck is this piece of crap!? What the hell does it do on the front page? Has the NG staff gone mad???".

I had that impression aswell, no offence bro, but I always give movies a chance before quitting on them. And this movie had it's charm just like every other movie.

Awfully drawn? Well it all depends, of course it's not as detailed as movies in general and the animations had an overall tendancy to chop and display huge gaps. But THAT is how it's supposed to be and it gives the movie a certain impression.

This movie is living on it's witness. The character just rambles on and on and goes out of topic all the time. That's what I laughed about so hard! Tigers? Why tigers? Because it's funny xD With tigers running around the world!

Hey! You might ask me why I say so much good about your movie and still not giving it a higher score than 6 Overall!!! Well mate, the reason is that I simply couldn't find the movie within it's frames. If it would be more centered towards the parody part I'd love it even more so. There were a few scenes in between commenting and making fun of Mario, but not really as much as you would expect to see from a "super mario parodies" movie.

Sure the movie's style was fun and different, but I believe you could'a done a hell lot more to it than this!

The dangerous thing with this style is that you can't make it too long because then it will get truly annoying after a while, it's different but too much of it could choke you. And you can't make it too short because then it will simply just be one crappy job done... It's a fine line to find the perfect balance.

Do I think you succeeded with that? Pretty well actually, I didn't really feel the movie taking too much time or being too short, but I did feel an emptiness throughout the movie since I just kept waiting for the Mario parody scenes.

So overall one weird and strange way of making a movie, I really congratulate you for reaching front page with a movie made like this :) Not many will ever do that.

But if you make more, remember to keep everything centered at the substance of the movie. Making too many of these "casual-style" movies will wear us all out pretty fast. I'm counting on you for the next Matrix parody :)

Fake Battlefield 5! Fake Battlefield 5!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Dude, first of all, the SOUNDS! They were killing me ... they sounds way too hollow to begin with, very un-fluent. The background music sound very choppy aswell, like it were broken or just poorly looped.

The physics were incredible off-balance and seemed all too rushed. The flight patterns the objects took of in when they were blown away were not following the correct arc's that they would seem like they would go.

The variation ... nah, seen it many times and this one was one of the worse ones, sorry dude, it's how it is.

But it was hardly straight down horrible and definitly not plain badm so I will vote a 2 (Yay a save for you?). If it will be enough? I think it will take smaller miracles to get this one saved actually.

And what was the point with the moveable cursor by the way? Sure, might be a little funny but without any reasons it might irritate some.

Dura over and out!


O.N.E. O.N.E.

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Don't think I'm stereotypical with saying this - that koreans truly makes outstanding quality stuff.

I've drawn the conclusion after most of my favourite movies has been made by Koreans and they all have something very original about them that I cannot put into words. Genious! I wish I was born in korea :P

Anyway, the movie was pure beautiful and I cannot begin to imagine all hard work that has been performed to get such an impressive outcome. All theese synced movements... marvelous... they moved precisely as in the music videos.

Though the choise of musical slings could have been better mixed, britney spears, people goes "AWWW NOO", then some other bands I've never eaven heard of, though with all beauty and originality you hardly really cared about the music. Hey, you've made me listen to a britney spears song, and like something at the same time :D

Keep up the extreme originality and keep winning the world championships in games like Guild Wars and StarCraft ;))) Vote: 5

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