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A frog in A Store A frog in A Store

Rated 3 / 5 stars


How do you review something like that...? It's.... just so much... stuff. Really bizarre dude

Metal Gear Awesome Metal Gear Awesome

Rated 3 / 5 stars


This is pretty funny indeed! Especially when Snake placed the bomb and blew up the wall and the guard was just all "what was that?" then just walked away like nothing happened xD That seriously nailed the AI of Metal Gear critically! Hahaha!

I love this kind of humor, it's fast, stupid and you don't have time to think about what the hell happends you are just overwhelmed with all the weirdness which creates bombshells of laughs inside of you.

Allthough I liked it it could be alot better. The graphics are a bit weak. I would love it if you worked some more on them. It's nothing special about the movie in general and I'd say it would need some more to be where it is today.

The movie also went kinda fast at some points it woulda been funnier if it was a little slower. The scene when the guy was taking a dump could'a been dropped, except the part where he talked about the diarrea, which coulda been extended or more like a conversation where snake would go all like "wth?!"

I've seen many more humorous "snap-laugh" movies like theese who probably took more time to do. It smells very much too obvious you didn't plan this so much but more like rampage through it.

Make more, but there's many risks keeping it as simple as this. Sooner or later the fans will stop laughing cus they thought it was ok the first time something so simple made it up to the top. But later they wanna see something that works it's way past the original.

Vote: 3

Lesboformers Lesboformers

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Extremely weak of content

I still don't know what I just saw... of if I actually saw something at all.

No plot, no story, no nothing? At least nothing that appeals in any way.

The loose joke in the end with the dildo? Was that it? If so... it made less sence than World Of WarCraft...

You certainly can draw well, but that hardly helps anything. The sound was also a complete disaster... I seriously hated the buzzing sounds from the transformer dildo and the ring tune. It rang too long and it was just annoying...

This might sound funny but if you have a hard time coming up with stories go ahead and make PORN flash. At least you are capable of that! And concidering all the weird people on NG it will certainly get extremely popular.

Vote: 1

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Sonny Sonny

Rated 4 / 5 stars

To be fair

This game deserves a definite 10 to be honest. Too bad it's VERY short... The only thing I didn't like is that you MUST respec and build specific builds against the last bosses... I'd love to see something else instead to solve the "difficulty problem". To maby use the right combination of allies, or make sure they use the right spells at the right times. The thing with RPG's and skill trees is often that you want to keep your skills that you have worked so hard for to get. And it ain't fun when your plan is ruined in the end since whatever you have doesn't work since you need the right build against the boss. You have to scrap your whole skill branch.

This definitly needs more battles. And it ain't really fun to fight the SAME enemies over and over in the end either :/ I'd say it needs more RANDOM BATTLES. And at least 10 different super hard enemies in the end to keep some form of end-game open at least. Maby even an option to fight randomized enemies with random skills and so on.

Yeah I can't wait for the sequal! I think if you make that one even more epic and most important LONGER it will knock everybody out cold. Since now, it ain't nothing more than a little fun experience that is over too fast.

Gamma Bros Gamma Bros

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A cool game!

Although I really liked it I felt like it was a interactive blueprint of something huge.

This game has alot and lacks alot in my opinion. You have done a really great job overall, a nice intro to the game where the space ship leaves the hangar ship and go out to the open space. Enough to make you get that "ok let's ROCK" feeling!

... but I never experienced that feeling fully. The first thing I reacted upon was that the game was pretty slow overall. Not that that is something negative but I would absolutely LOVE it 10 times more if it was a game of which tested your MICRO skills above any other skills. The top priority.

I don't know if you COULD get extra speed of something. Either way I think it was too hard to reach it even when you did. Make speed boost permanent and more easy to reach. Then when you die you lose them (kind of like Gradius).

One thing that disturbed me with the controls was that you could not shoot in any other angles than linear and upwads/downards. I so wanted to shoot up the corners. And that combined with the slow shuttle speed made the overall fluency pretty uninteresting.

The graphics... well, they were indeed interesting and retro. BUT!!! They made it pretty annoying after a while to see what you actually crashed into when you did crash into something. The small enemies and the metroids was almost like invisible to me. And did huge chunks of damage to you when you hit them.

The health overall should be easier to track. Since when I died I was almost not aware of what happened when I did die. Which felt pretty unfair.

The sounds were though the part I liked the most. Definitly nice retro and "shouty" sounds like old Commodore 64 sounds. The explotion sounds felt nice and they made it feel like the enemies really died violently.

To that you get a slight score of humor since It's always a little funny with retro sounds and retro-like graphics.

It's a good game definitly, but like I said it feels a bit uncompleted. Perhaps you could add more spice into the powerups aswell. With a time-period buff to your ship. Makes you alot stronger for a short while, then you will really FEEL the power of the powerups.

Thanks for the gaming experience overall, it's always good when peope make simple to play games which you can enjoy over and over again!

A vote of: 3

pixeljamgames responds:

thanks for the in-depth review.

some of the issues you brought up (speed of game, size of enemies) could probably be resolved by downloading the home version, which plays faster and bigger (fullscreen if you want it). this is pixeljam's first big game and future versions of gamma bros will definitely be much more feature-rich. overall i think we did the best with what we had (which was not much time and no money)

Master Tutorial 2 Master Tutorial 2

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Reeeeal poor.

This is perhaps one of the most poor Tutorials as I have ever seen. It takes up things that are so randomly put that Monty Python seems logical.

If you vote for a save here you must be really new around here. If so you must learn to discover the "Where is/how to" section of the Forums where you will find Tons of tutorials that cover everything from the most simple things like making a symbol to motion tween with style. So this one isn't needed at all. Vote: 1

Recent Audio Reviews

"Axel-F 2007" - Reason3.0 "Axel-F 2007" - Reason3.0

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Well I've heard tons of remixes to this song. It's about as classic to remix as "Sonic" songs for game remixers hehe :D But this is absolutely one of the greatest ones. It's smooth and cool in a special way that gives it extra attitude.

By the way mate, how's the inspiration going? Finding anything to remix? If you just enjoy composing and making songs I have got an idea (just a little funny project I have). Just message me on MSN if you are interested ^^ I am on about any time of the day hehe. Good luck mate!

Reflexius #3 (Loop) Reflexius #3 (Loop)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Umm, Hi

I am probably one of the worst persons to give an audio a review. Because I have never worked with anything that has to do with it other than to my mobile phone. I can whether tell if it has any real characteristics other than I liked the kinda numb tunes.

Well where am I going? I am rather easily amused when it comes to music and I'm really happy I am. I don't listen to normal kind of music that often I rather find songs that have no singing or tecno remixes of good old game songs. I like attitude alot in music! Not that this is atitude but its emotional, which I also enjoy if its emotional on the way to sorrow. Don't ask me why but I found this song very harmonic and full of atitude at the same time.

Ok anyways, just wanted to tell you I love your music and I am currently downloading every single one I like :)

And I also want to ask you a favor if you like to remix songs. I would like you to make a song to me, if you feel any interest at all contact me on MSN (The adress to it is in my Profile).