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"Axel-F 2007" - Reason3.0 "Axel-F 2007" - Reason3.0

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Well I've heard tons of remixes to this song. It's about as classic to remix as "Sonic" songs for game remixers hehe :D But this is absolutely one of the greatest ones. It's smooth and cool in a special way that gives it extra attitude.

By the way mate, how's the inspiration going? Finding anything to remix? If you just enjoy composing and making songs I have got an idea (just a little funny project I have). Just message me on MSN if you are interested ^^ I am on about any time of the day hehe. Good luck mate!

Reflexius #3 (Loop) Reflexius #3 (Loop)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Umm, Hi

I am probably one of the worst persons to give an audio a review. Because I have never worked with anything that has to do with it other than to my mobile phone. I can whether tell if it has any real characteristics other than I liked the kinda numb tunes.

Well where am I going? I am rather easily amused when it comes to music and I'm really happy I am. I don't listen to normal kind of music that often I rather find songs that have no singing or tecno remixes of good old game songs. I like attitude alot in music! Not that this is atitude but its emotional, which I also enjoy if its emotional on the way to sorrow. Don't ask me why but I found this song very harmonic and full of atitude at the same time.

Ok anyways, just wanted to tell you I love your music and I am currently downloading every single one I like :)

And I also want to ask you a favor if you like to remix songs. I would like you to make a song to me, if you feel any interest at all contact me on MSN (The adress to it is in my Profile).